Core business and expertise

Bureau Wortel, translated it means: Company Roots

Every tree has roots. Roots that give the energy to the tree, which it needs to flourish. From the small seed to the big tree, there are different steps that need to be taken and nourished with attention in order to become a strong tree with roots that give protection and stability.

My roots are in improving efficiency of organisations, design and implementation of program management, building the bridge between theory/policy and practise, developing sustainable labour conditions, social dialogue and communication.

All the work I do is based on very clear steps towards change and ownership of the NEW situation:

  • Analysis of current situation, relevant competences and stakeholders present
  • Profile expected goals and results of stakeholders and targetgroup
  • Step by step design of action plan with different actors involved
  • Facilitate training for succesful change & capacity building
  • Transfer of knowledge, ownership of the goals & results to participants
  • Coaching and advising during the process of change towards reaching the goals

Here are the main activities I conduct that give me energy and are the roots of Bureau Wortel:

Expert and advisor for improvement of labour conditions on micro- meso & macro level

After almost 10 years working for CNV (Dutch Union for industry, food, transport, metal and agriculture) and CNV international as senior program manager, I have experience in all aspects of Union work. For me the most important focus is the access to labour rights; creating job satisfaction for both the company as well as the workers; improving social dialogue with stakeholders and partners, to create better working conditions worldwide. I have worked as a national negotiator, as well as organizing regional and local turnover/ downscaling and buy-over of bankrupt companies with qualified personell. I specialize in creating a bridge between the legal frameworks and policies and the practical way to work within these frameworks. To me working together with the companies and owners is crucial, because we all want the same thing; an efficient, profitable company, that has proper working conditions. For me happiness of people is my drive, for instance of workers. Research had shown that happy workers will go by their daily jobs more efficient, will have a lower amount of sickdays and show a higher amount of commitment, which will profit the company. Therefore improving labour conditions creates profit and efficiency. I love to work with companies to improve the efficiency and worker satisfaction to let everybody benefit from profit and a production.

Mediator and advisor for creating Social Dialogue & Cooperation between multi disciplinary stakeholders for development & sustainability

During my work in different bodies (strategic partnerships, social dialogues, negotiation processes and developing convenants on international CSR convenants) I realized that my open minded approach often creates synergy. Many people are influenced by their own experience and references, which tends to lead to restrictions in their creativity and way of thinking, which in turn can make an open dialogue very difficult. My personal approach is to do the opposite, looking at the prefences of the different partners and looking for similar and mutual goals. By focussing on the results that everybody strives for, social dialogue can start and the different actors can grow closer together, humanizing all parties. Do you feel the dialogue has hit a dead end? Do you have to work with a person or organisation that seems and feels like ‘your enemy’? Are you organizing a multi-stakeholder dialogue and do not know where to start? Are you in a partnership or alliance where there are never ending discussions instead of mutual solutions? Ask me for a no strings attached talk, as every conversation is a social dialogue, my hobby….and my hobby is my work!

Senior Program Coordinator in International program management

Expert in design and implementation of program management, for instance EU proposals and projects. In the design I focus on building a bridge between theory/policy and practise, making sure the budget and activities are interlinked. Most importantly designing long term sustainable effects of the project through a grassroot, bottom up approach in the design phase. Experience in designing Theory of Action and Theory of Change in multiple strategic partnerships. Taking into account the different aims and goals of the stakeholders and partners.

Analyst and advisor for organisational efficiency

Many years of experience has given me the ability to solve organisational problems, or improve organisations. I have expert knowledge on financial, organisational and Human Resource management plus knowledge of the legal room to manouvre. Through a participatory step by step approach new goals and results can be reached. Do you feel like your company is almost running itself, but with marginal results? Are there issues on company and workers satisfaction that you just can’t solve? Did you do a evaluation and the results give you some hardship on how and were to start? Do you want a more efficient organisation? Do you want to improve or change the culture of your company? Do you want your staff to be proud to work at your organisation? Let me look at the roots of your organisation and give it a check up to get the energy flowing again!