Company engagement with CSO, HOW?


In the current funding through the Dutch Ministries the focus has been on getting the private sector more involved. This can be through the Strategic partnerships, through IRBC agreements and focus on company due diligence demands through OECD guidelines. I have conducted research on the cooperation between CSOs and companies, the effective engagements and the hurdles present that stand in the way of smooth collaboration.

First the perspective of ministries and CSOs on cooperation are analysed, with some important lessons learned from the collaborations so far, second the companies are given a voice. The needs and strategies of both parties are evaluated and in the concluding remarks some last tips and tricks are shared.

This paper gives important learnings on company focus for engagement, but also on CSO shift in policy and strategy. For partnerships to be effective in their lobby and private engagement, they need insight in the needs and perceptions of companies.

Special attention will be given to the gender approach for engagement, as the Netherlands is lagging behind on comparison to other European countries on gender equality, why and how this can be improved.

As I am a firm believer in open access to data and information, as a way to help each other forwards, I am sharing my results in this paper. Wishing that the insights can bring us all together and improve the collaboration through multi-stakeholder initiatives and increase the holistic approach on development and a sustainable future.

cso’s quest for company engagement