Training conscious communication

Social Dialogue is HOT, deal with it!


Normally when something is hot you have to approach with care, take precaution measures and be prepared to get burned…. With this training you can prepare yourself and your organization to stand the heat of the situation & deal with the parties involved.

  • Is the distance between the management and the employees too high?
  • Is your new projectgroup  full of people that do not have a lot in common?
  • Do different stakeholders have to cooperate on a Mutual goal, but with different perspectives?

Governments, employers and employees have to work together on the social agenda and due to laws and legislations; CSO’s work together on mutual projects or for the same stakeholders. This is often a hard task, but the Training Conscious Communication: Developing communication and persuasion strategies for Social Dialogue can provide you with a good common baseline for cooperation.

Training conscious communication in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 2-7 oktober 2017

The training aims to strengthen basic theoretical knowledge and practical communication and persuasion skills of the participants during all phases of the development of Dialogue, in order to be able to develop communication strategies to arrange successful Social Dialogue.

To improve efficiency in cooperation, to gain more insight in mutual gains and creating a win-win situation for all beneficiaries, and more importantly to enjoy working together and recognizing each other’s valuable assets.

After this training:

  • You have knowledge on different communication styles and persuasion techniques, recognition of styles and techniques in others, knowing your own style and techniques and adaptation of new styles and techniques.
  • You gained problem solving skills to improve social dialogue amongst different stakeholders
  • You know your strength and weaknesses and of your organization for future L&A
  • You can define the Social Dialogue priorities and develop your lobby/ social dialogue strategy and identify possible stakeholders/ allies towards reaching your goals.

This training can be given to CSO’s, government officials, employers and employees or social partners. It can be part of an existing L&A training, depending on the training and it could be incorporated in the training or given as a specialization to the basic training.

Interested? I am glad to give more insights in how this training can be custom made for you or included in present trainings!