Project design & management trajectory

If you clicked on this page, you probably know how strictly the guidelines for projects and call for proposal are. Or you work with other project management donors.

For good reasons, donors invest a lot of euros around the world and with good results.

Many development organizations focus on the goal: strengthen and improve in other countries. Often the connection between finance and efficiency is an additional phenomenon that is not everyone’s favorite. But just by working efficiently and looking forward to it in advance, there can be space for more activities in the meantime. It also increases the chance of following projects and investments.

Personally, I worked for the protection of human rights defenders in 2 EU projects in Latin America and Asia, where sub-grants were also part of the project. 2 strategic partnerships from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, I worked as senior program manager within CNV International for Cambodia. The mid-term review for the Girls Advocacy Alliance has just been completed and together with Bureau Tij we are working hard to develop a new communication strategy and tool with the Fair, Green and Global Alliance. The monitoring and evaluation of the EU project “Alert Actors” of ECPAT is also entirely at Bureau Wortel (2018-2020).

To design, plan and control a project, you must be precise, know the different guidelines, know how the procedures work, and the deadlines and figures. In addition, you want to achieve as many impact, results and long term goals as possible. This is what I love!

I’m good at following the rules and guidelines, even when in practice the planning is often different. My flexibility and creativity gives me the opportunity to work within the framework and make adjustments that give even better results than planned.

So if you are looking for a project expert, even with more complex compositions, for; Project design, implementation, monitoring, coordination and / or management. With special attention to practical and workable plans and with proper budgeting based on activities and guidelines.

Do not look any further and contact!