Global Work

Bureau Wortel is active globally, working with organisations and companies to improve working conditions and social dialogue. Through an participatory approach with the stakeholders and by looking at the present labour conditions, policy, business case, culture and competences. Special attention is given to gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.

The OESO Guidelines and UNGP’s are at the basis of my work, as a negotiator and expert on this I advise organisations an companies to get alligned with these frameworks.
Reaching practical and sustainable, longterm goals to improve the organisations and the labour conditions and livelihood of families, are the aims of Bureau Wortel.

Bureau Wortel can work with you to make specific improvements in the efficiency and organisation of your company or organisation, for this you can ask for a free of charge consultation or advise.

Bureau Wortel also offers some custom made training options and trajectories:

    • Project management; project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, coordination and management of different projects. With special attention for practical and workable plans with sound budgetting based on activities and guidelines from funding donors.
    • Research; qualitative research on communication strategies, revision of policy and law in relation to implementation, analysis and impact measurement. Through the use of deskresearch and multiple participatory research methods.
    • Coaching and advise; guidance, research and advise in the area of International Responsible Business conduct (OECD, OESO and UNGPs). with the focus on compliance, risk analysis and Due dilligence action plans and inplementation.
    • Training Conscious Communication; for efficiency in your dialogue and improvement of communication techniques and strategies.
    • Trajectory Violence@work; designing a step by step approach, custommade for your organisation, to diminish unwanted behaviour and violence at the workplace.


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