International Responsible Business Conduct expert consultant

After years of experience and expertise in the field of International Responsible Business Conduct I am working with companies to design and research plans and options for Due Dilligence and guts.

Responsible conduct is not only based on necessity through legislation, but it should also be based on motivation to do good and respecting the business case stil.

Without revenues there is little input for investments in workingconditions and international solidarity.

Recently Bureau Wortel conducted an IRBC research and analysis in Tirupur, India on the garment sector for a clothingcompany from the Netherlands. Together steps of actions have been designed for the company to work on their IRBC and minimize risks according to the OECD guidelines. There has been a stakeholderanalysis which can be used to influence local politics and policies. Lastly the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have been analysed in relations to the implementatiom of the steps.

If you as a company are interested in an IRBC research and actionplan design, don’t hesitate to contact us.