Mid term Review Girls Advocacy Alliance: Improving corporate engagement through lobby


The Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA) is a joint initiative of Plan Nederland, Terre des Hommes Netherlands and Defence for Children – ECPAT Netherlands. The GAA is led by Plan Nederland and is implemented in strategic partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Dialogue and Dissent framework.

The GAA programme is implemented in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and the Philippines, and at regional levels in Asia and Africa. Country and regional level advocacy programmes are complemented by advocacy interventions at international level and in the Netherlands.

The GAA believes that the policies and practices of the Dutch government and of Dutch companies directly and indirectly impact the risks of gender based violence and economic exclusion faced by girls and young women in GAA countries. Therefore, the GAA included an advocacy component explicitly targeting the Dutch government and Dutch companies, aiming at the adoption of public and private policies, programs and practices which address gender based violence (including child trafficking and child labour) in global value chains and promote decent work for young women.

The advocacy in the Netherlands is implemented by Plan Netherlands, Defence for Children – ECPAT Netherlands and Terre des Hommes Netherlands. The latter has selected the Global March against Child Labour (GMACL) as their main implementing partner. Together, GAA organisations and GMACL, are influencing the Dutch government and companies, directly or through (and with) existing networks of (likeminded) CSOs.

For this mid term review Bureau Wortel conducted the review of the private sector advocacy interventions facilitated by an external consultant. Further information and a relevant summary on engagement is published in this paper:

cso’s quest for company engagement