Project Violence@work; a factsheet for SMEs to diminish violence

What if we would tell you that there is violence in every workplace? Against men and women, old and young, verbal and physical, through the internet and social media.

It costs 7 sickdays per company per year in the Netherlands….

What if we would tell you your production processes and your business plan can create or diminish violence@work?

What if I tell you that also small and medium enterprises can solve these issues in their companies?

That would be great right?

For CNV Internationaal I coordinated and developped this very useful factsheet; a guide for SMEs to prevent violence at the workplace. It was designed for the RVO (Dutch Enterprise Agency) with Machteld Ooijens as author(

With my 12 years of practical experience* I could relate to the information in this factsheet and provide quite some information for the problem solving tactics, described in this factsheet.

I find this factsheet useful and short to read, with clear options for prevention and remittance. A sound theoretical base and clear (international) guidelines that can be reviewed further.

That is why I really found this project important, if you are interested please read the link and of course feel free to contact me for further information.

Violence @ work Brochure_FINAL

Together with Partnering for Social Impact I can work with your organisation to conduct a risk assesment and practical project plan to implement the action plan to diminish violence and unwanted behaviour at your work, check Global Work, traject violence@work for further information.

  • 2 years working for the Discrimination hotline; 8 years of working with social partners to decrease harassment and promoting gender equality in Dutch companies through Arbo guidelines and CLA negotiations; different research on unequal access due to gender, age and education differences.