Strategic Partnership FWF for garment supply chain transformation in Cambodia

The Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation is an innovative programme to improve labour conditions in the garment industry by Fair Wear Foundation, CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The partners aim to demonstrate how it is possible to move towards living wages, constructive social dialogue and reducing gender based violence, by developing practical solutions to key problems in garment supply chains.  

With real examples from actual garment supply chains, the partnership will provide guidance to brands, factories, trade unions, governments and civil society organisations, of how a transformed and improved garment industry can work – and benefit all parties.

Engaging all supply chain actors 

The partnership aims to bring together the expertise of trade unions, NGOs, and progressive brands and factories, to ensure that all supply chain actors are engaged.

For CNV Internationaal I designed the Theory of Change based on the country mapping in Cambodia in the context of this Partnership for Supply Chain Transformation. Based on the current status of the industry structure, social dialogue, gender-based violence and living wage debates in the apparel industry in Cambodia, I translated the Theory of Action into an actionplan for the first phase of this project, conducted monitoring, evaluation and planning for the coming year (2017, 2018). This was done in close cooperation with the local Cambodian garment Union C.CAWDU and the federation CLC. The first phase of the project contains in-depth participatory research on GBV through the development of womensgroups. That can be a safe haven for women close to the factories, and a place for empowerment and support throughout the project.

An important aim of this partnership is the Lobby towards employers and government, next to research on GBV and labour conditions, there will be capacitybuilding to make the Union workers more capable to conduct lobby on the topics of Gender Based Violence, Living Wage and Social Dialogue in general.

In the first 1,5 years of the project period  I was the senior program coördinator in charge of design and management for CNV.

Bureau Wortel conducted the training conscious communication in Cambodia from 2-7 oktober 2017, as part of the Lobby and Advocacy Event for SP FWF with Sloot Consultancy. The second year Monitoring and Evaluation was also conducted by Bureau Wortel with recommentations for the annual plan year 3.

Interested in the training, Theory of Action design, Action plan design, program management or research design on GBV? Contact me for further information.

To view the design, click this link:

FWF country study & Theory of Action Cambodia