Strategic Partnership Civic Engagement Alliance for empowerment of farmers and improvement of CSR principles

The Strategic Partnership for Agricultural Supply Chain Transformation is an innovative programme to improve labour conditions in the agricultural industry, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The partners aim to demonstrate how it is possible to move towards improved political space for Civil Society Organisations, Small-producer empowerment and moving towards a sustainable agicultural private sector. Through developing constructive social dialogue and increasing access to labour and landrights, by developing practical solutions to key problems in the Cambodian Agricultural supply chain.  

Specific lobbying themes within this strategic partnership are:

  1. Respect for trade union and labor rights and implementation of international labor standards and corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles.
  2. Provides knowledge on international labor standards and CSR principles and deliver expertise on strategic L&A, negotiation skills, and effective social dialogue, hereby helping to ensure an enabling environment for CSOs in the program countries.
  3. Research of systematic violation of labor rights, land rights and human rights to have scientific knowledge to pressure governments or private (international) enterprises to adhere to the core labor conventions.

The designed Theory of Change for Cambodia, contains 3 pathways of change that will enable the partnership to achieve the overall goal:

  1. Political space for CSOs
  2. Small-producer empowerment and inclusive markets
  3. Moving towards a sustainable private sector

For CNV Internationaal I designed the Theory of Change based on the country mapping in Cambodia in the context of this Partnership for Supply Chain Transformation. Based on the current status of the industry structure, social dialogue and land right debates in the agricultural sector of Cambodia, I translated the Theory of Change into an actionplan for the first phase of this project. This was done in close cooperation with the local Cambodian agricultural Union; CAFW and the Farmers Union; FAPD, ICCO regional office and the federation CLC. The first phase of the project contains in-depth research on political space and supply chain of rubber and cassave plantations in Cambodia. After the first and second year I conducted the evaluation of the actionplan and design and planning for the years 2017, 2018.

An important aim of this partnership is the Lobby towards employers and government, , there will be capacitybuilding to make the Union workers more capable to conduct lobby on the topics of CSR agreements, labour rights, human rights, land rights and Social Dialogue in general.

In the first 1,5 years of the projectdesign and management I was the senior program coordinator for Cambodia. At this moment the first training conscious communication in Cambodia is planned by Bureau Wortel in 2018, as part of the Lobby and Advocacy Event preparation with the different agricultural CSO partners in 8 provinces of Cambodia.

Interested in the training, Theory of Change design, Action plan design, program management, CSR implementation?

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