Trajectory Violence@work; a tool for SMEs to diminish violence

Trajectory of diminishing violence @ workfloor; A smart and efficient business case

Together with, I commissioned a guide on the prevention of violence in the workplace on behalf of CNV. Partnership for Social Impact made the guide, with us. Machteld Ooijens of Partnering for Social Impact wrote the following blog “Preventing workplace violence is a smart business case”, along with Machteld, I can help you to realize that efficient business case in your company.

Did you know that employees in the Netherlands who are harassed or bullied in the workplace by their colleagues or supervisors, on average, 7 days a year extra leave of work? Violence in the workplace in any sector is a fixed cost item, in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

Undesirable and unethical enterprise is costly

Violence – one of the most hidden forms of human rights violations – is a significant risk of the workplace that can occur in various sectors in all kinds of companies and organizations, including yours. It’s more common than you think.

Not only in countries far away, but also in the Netherlands. It is also a huge expense for entrepreneurs. Think of costs due to sickness absence, lower employee productivity, a fast rate of employees, recruitment costs and new staff training and little involvement with your company. And what about reputation damage, runaway customers and possible legal procedures?

Comply with international guidelines

More and more entrepreneurs want to do business in a meaningful and ethical way. You too? That is, contributing to a sustainable economy and society, in accordance with international agreements on corporate responsibilities in the areas of environmental protection, anti-corruption and human and labor rights.

Your clients and employees, as well as governments, employers’ representatives, unions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), expect companies to respect human rights and adhere to responsible codes of conduct.

To protect

They also expect you to thoroughly identify, address and prevent the risk of negative human rights effects due to your business activities. Locally and internationally there are several guidelines that protect labor and human rights.

Governments worldwide use different global frameworks and instruments, including the OECD guidelines. Protection of employee rights is part of this.

View your own working climate

This guide informs you as entrepreneur about the characteristics of workplace violence, and the causes and effects thereof. The guide provides tips on how to effectively combat and discourage violence at work. And also to map workplace violence with suppliers and companies you work with. As an entrepreneur, you make a choice every day. Also the choice for a positive work environment where violence is not tolerated.

What does this mean: workplace violence?

Violence in the workplace refers to physical, psychological or sexually undesirable and cross-border behavior. It can range from intimidation, unwanted proposals, abusive jokes to discrimination, but it can also be for abuse or forcing employees to certain (sexual) actions.

In fact, it is any behavior that is perceived by the victim as cross-border behavior. Whether the perpetrator had meant it as a joke, it is seen as “normal” in the local population or that it comes from evil.

Violence on the workplace is a serious violation of the UN Convention on Human Rights. That sounds serious and criminal. And that is it.


Other companies invest in increasing awareness of management and staff through clear policies, codes of conducts, meetings to discuss the subject and trainings. They allow staff to organize or join a trade union.

Also, the physical adaptation of the work environment (think of workplace information boards, illumination lights), and the introduction of a hotline for complaints are examples of relatively simple actions that contribute positively to a safer working environment.

This and other examples from the Violence @Work Guide show that it is possible to make a positive contribution to a nicer world and to be successful and to remain.

Do you also want to get started with this topic, but do not you know exactly what steps you want to put? Download Violence @Work (Violence @ work Brochure_FINAL) and read more about working towards diminishing violence.

Together with Partnering for Social Impact I can work with your organisation to conduct a risk assesment and practical project plan to implement the action plan to diminish violence and unwanted behaviour at your work.

Contact Bureau Wortel for a free- of – charge (skype) call for opportunities to cooperate and diminish violence and unwanted behavior in your organisation.