Who is behind Bureau Wortel?

Marieke de Vries- den Hollander is the person behind Bureau Wortel

Marieke her passion since childhoodd is helping people who are suppressed, from the girl in the class that is being bullied to the elderly widow in Indonesia who cannot get her irrigation water….

It is Marieke her aim to stop the powerfull in this world from abusing their power, and more importantly, empower the powerless to have access to their rights.

After 12 years experience in the development field, Marieke clearly understands that the ‘social power’ is the hardest to defeat. The cultural beliefs of for instance on male-female, landless- landowner, religion- caste- traditions, are at the basis of keeping certain power mechanisms in place. This is present all around the world, still nobody wants to be part of this abuse of power. In order to empower people Marieke has always taken the situation and surroundings into account, but more importantly use the power of the Law to create acces to rights.

There is often a Law present to protect people, cultural laws, state appointed or the universal laws. Through creating awareness for the laws at hand, taking into consideration the different aims and goals of the stakeholders, Marieke has a long track record of solving disputes and creating sustainable solutions.

 She set up movements and activated member-based organisations; managed and supported capacity development of unions and Union members international; conducted research and developed evidence-based theories for influencing companies; developed training manuals and provided training in increasing participation of workers, females, and communities in their work or community. co-created changes towards improved effectiveness and efficiency in companies and organisation on Human resources; conducted design, monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes and partnerships working on improving labour conditions, human rights, good governance, irrigation governance and protection of powerless groups.

As a mother of three, Marieke hopes to show her children that even one person can make a change in the world, that good intentions can change lives, working together creating a better world for all, and most importantly;

Stand up for those people you can help with your knowledge and expertise!